Bitty still has a long road to be fully recovered, but thanks to the Fallen Angel Fund, she is well on her way.

Here is a picture after surgery. She looks wonderful already!

Fallen Angel Stories

Here is an example of what can happen when a collar is put on a cat.

This is Bitty, a six month old lost tame kitten.  Bitty was discovered with what looked to be a leg injury. When the caregiver got closer it became apparent that the front leg had actually been caught inside of the collar for weeks.  The collar had actually imbedded itself into the skin of her neck!

**Please note that this image is very graphic

What you are seeing here is Bitty with her head in an anesthesia bag and her leg raised up.  The pink on the left is the collar strap, the wider darker pink to the right is the skin wound after the collar has been cut away.

As always, don’t you just love Happy Endings?!