Our Team & Our Commitment

Fallen Angel Fund serves the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. The purpose of the Fallen Angel Fund is to pay veterinary expenses for injured and/or sick feral and homeless stray cats.
Injuries and illnesses that are not usually fatal in domestic cats may, at times, become life threatening in cats who live outdoors. If their ability to get out of harm’s way or to consume food is compromised, their lives are in danger.
Many times the good Samaritan that feeds a colony of homeless cats cannot afford additional medical expenses. Sadly, a painful death or euthanasia may be the only option for some of these injured or ill kitties. This is where the Fallen Angel Fund is trying to fill a need.
Fallen Angel Fund criteria include, but are not limited to:
• The cat must be a feral or homeless stray that is being fed daily by a caretaker; the fund will not cover services 
for pets.
• The caretaker must be willing to put out the extra effort required to help the sick or injured
cat, for example, re-introduction to the colony if cat must be confined for recovery.
• Funds will be paid directly to the veterinarian, never to the caretaker.

The Fallen Angel Fund is designed for very quick response so the caretaker knows almost
immediately if the cat qualifies.